About – Kosmerta


Hello my name is Brianna, I am the owner and sole creator here at Kosmerta Artisan soaps. Creating soaps, bath bombs, and other body care treats has been a passion of mine for several years. All Kosmerta products are made in my home here in Maryland.

All of my products are 100% Vegetarian, containing no animal fats or derivatives. I check all of my suppliers to ensure additives such as glycerin and fragrances are plant derived. Many of of my products are vegan, excluding only those that contain honey as a natural humectant. I source my honey from a local Mennonite farm in Greencastle Pennsylvania. All of my products are made with EPA approved biodegradable glitters and colorants. Any palm oil used in my products is ethically sourced from Roundtable on Sustainable Palm


I have always dreamed of creating a line of soaps and bath products utilizing natural and ethically sourced ingredients. Creating these items brings so much joy into my life, and I hope to spread that joy to every person who uses my products. For any questions or concerns I can be reached at contact@kosmerta.com.