FAQ – Kosmerta


What is the difference between handmade soap, and soap from the store?
A lot of bar soaps you see in the store, are not technically soap! Commercial bar soap is often made of artificial chemicals called Synthetic Detergents. Here at Kosmerta, all of my bar soaps are 100% handmade soap, although I do use non-irritating synthetic detergents in some bubble-bath products, such as the Bubbling Bath Truffles.

What makes Kosmerta soap less irritating on sensitive skin?
I personally have sensitive skin, and I break out in a rash from almost any kind of soap! My own experience is what influenced me to create a gentle, safe-for-sensitive-skin recipeĀ  for my soap bars. The secret? I use a high-oleic recipe which does not strip skin of its natural oils as it cleans; because of this, Kosmerta soap is less drying and less irritating. Not everyone' skin is the same, and I do not claim my soap will work for everyone.