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Local Honey

One of my strongest values for Kosmerta, is to always use ethically sourced sourced ingredients. For this reason I do not use any animal fats, and I ensure all of my glycerine and fragrances are plant derived. The only none vegan ingredient some of my products contain is honey. Honey is a natural humectant, proven to help skin retain moisture and I find it to be a value additive in products I use on my own sensitive skin. To uphold my promise to only use ethically sourced ingredients, all honey I use is sourced directly from Showalter farms in Greencastle PA. By buying within my community, I can see for myself exactly where the honey I use comes from: free range bees living in rural farmland and not bees kept in industrial honey factories. If interested in ordering honey free- versions of my recipes that currently contain honey, please inquire at contact@kosmerta.com